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ShoreTel Advanced Applications

ShoreTel VoIP Advanced Applications provide enterprise-level functionality to your company’s ShoreTel phone system at prices that are cost-effective. They provide the tools to drastically reduce waste, improve efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Ask a Genesis sales representative for a thorough break-down of standard and more creative ways each advanced application can be applied to your business to save you time and money.

Emergency Notifications

In today’s world, you can never be too prepared…

In today’s world, businesses and organizations – large and small – can never be too prepared for an emergency. That’s why ShoreTel created the ShoreTel Emergency Notifications advanced application. This application enables key personnel to get important, time-sensitive notices out to users in real-time, adding a layer of safety and security that can mean big differences in emergency situations.

Outbound Campaign IVR

Connect with clients or customers more efficiently than ever before…

ShoreTel’s Outbound Campaign IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is truly an advanced application that can prove effective across a host of industries, especially those which deal with large number of customers. The IVR application allows companies with a ShoreTel phone system to reach out with automatic calling for things like customer satisfaction surveys, questionnaires, automated reminders for appointments, or other scripted forms of contact.

Call Recorder

Manage accounts more powerfully, by knowing exactly what was said, and when it was said.

ShoreTel’s Call Recorder offers industry-leading management tools for keeping track of the who’s, what’s, and when’s of phone communication. Ideal for businesses with a focus on customer service, or businesses in heavily regulated industries. The optional online Call Recorder Player takes your recordings securely to the web, allowing conversations to be accessed easily anywhere via the internet.

Call Handling Mode

More control over the how and when phones are used means increased efficiency…

ShoreTel’s Call Handling Mode advanced application allows an administrator to centrally control the call-handling mode of a selected group of phones. Ideal for school classrooms, this application can significantly improve efficiency by reducing time spent on communications that are not pre-approved.

User Group Schedule

Control the when and who specific phones can call

ShoreTel’s User Group Schedule advanced application allows administrators to “schedule” the operability of pre-selected groups of phones. The ability to delegate varying levels of operability, for a day shift and night shift, for instance, can ensure groups of employees remain on task at any specific time range.

Voice Forms IVR

Reduce time spent collecting information from incoming callers…

ShoreTel’s Voice Forms IVR advanced application allows organizations to create preset lists of questions to ask incoming callers, then consolidates their answers into audio files and forwards them to selected ShoreTel users. Ideal for businesses who receive large numbers of service calls, this application can help streamline the data collection portion of a phone call, saving operators time and increasing efficiency. Optional settings allow users to press a digit to connect with a representative or to any extension.