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There are several reasons why your company might be interested in video surveillance. The biggest reason, of course, is security. Whether you want to keep tabs on the outside of your office, you’d like to track consumers in your store, or you want to monitor what your employees are doing, video surveillance is an excellent way to ensure that eyes are always on your operations, so to speak.

That said, you might still rely on outdated analog equipment and a CCTV (closed circuit television) system to monitor your business. These days, IP (internet protocol) video cameras that transmit a digital signal to computers or mobile devices are far more efficient and effective. Plus, they offer several benefits that traditional video surveillance systems cannot. Here are a few great reasons to upgrade to IP video surveillance options.

1. Improved video quality
Analog video cameras send signals to recording devices (tape or disc) via cabling, which is why they are closed circuit systems. Unfortunately, the quality of these videos is not very high, and because the images are taped over frequently, your video will eventually suffer degradation like ghosting, fragmentation, or other distortion.

This will not happen with digital video created by IP surveillance cameras. Not only are digital files created in high definition, but cameras are able to compensate for low visibility situations such as limited lighting, capturing clearer images than analog. From there, digital files are sent to computer hard drives for storage, so there is no degradation and the footage is pristine every time.

2. Save time
Depending on how much storage you have, there’s a chance you’ll have to discard old video files after a while in order to save space. The thing is, you can automate this process. In the meantime, you won’t have to deal with swapping out, labeling, and saving tapes or discs, not to mention testing and repairing notoriously finicky analog equipment.

3. Save money
It’s true that upgrading to new video surveillance equipment will cost you some money for hardware, software, installation, and training. However, you stand to save a lot over time. For instance, you won’t have to bother with a complex system of tapes when video recordings simply become digital files.

In addition, this data can be stored on or offsite, depending on your preference, and the system can be accessed remotely for maintenance or updates, reducing time, hassle, and expense. Finally, the system is designed for scalability, making it easy to increase cameras or upgrade to new hardware or software.

4. Remote access and control
Ease of use is an important part of any corporate purchase – you want to make sure employees can hit the ground running when the install is complete, and upgrades need to increase efficiency. IP video surveillance offers both.

Cameras can be accessed not only by computers onsite, but also remotely via smartphone or tablet. You can even set up notifications when sensors or alarms are triggered.

5. Smart options
Many IP video surveillance cameras offer cost-effective features like motion sensors that ensure video footage is only taken when threats are detected. They provide protection and encryption to thwart hacking. Smart features ensure the highest level of security and convenience for users like you.

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