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Adtran Networking

ADTRAN is a leading provider of networking and communication equipment at the global level. Their products can be found in network infrastructures of service providers, private enterprises, government organizations and millions of individual users.
The ADTRAN product line allows for your voice, data, video and internet communication to be utilized across your entire network infrastructure.

ADTRAN Routers

ADTRAN routers are developed under the NetVanta Family. These routers provide a wealth of afforable, diverse network solutions that meet your businesses security, financial and connectivity needs. The NetVanta Family is separated into three categories that provide a broad range of products that meet the market needs of small and medium size businesses, as well as enterprise offices. The three categories include Multiservice, Modular and Fixed-Port Routers.

NetVantaMultiservice Access

Enhanced performance, access routers with integral Ethernet switch delivering high-packet throughput required for IT telephony, corporate connectivity and internet access.

Modular Access Routers

Modular Access Router offering multiple three, six or eight interface slots, one or two Ethernet LAN ports for higher-bandwidth applications supporting up to eight T1s or dual DS3s.

Fixed-Port Access Routers

Full-featured, fixed port access routers perfect for securing internet access or high-speed corporate connectivity using ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ broadband access.

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