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Telecommunications company Avaya is known to be one of the world’s leaders in communication technologies for customer and office engagement. Yet, Avaya just recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to reduce a crippling debt of $6.3 billion. This bankruptcy highlights the challenges telecommunications companies are facing with the transition from hardware to software and services.

Last year to help offset the debt, the communications company attempted to sell its call center business. But after further evaluation the company determined to withdraw from this plan as it would not help increase value or its customers.

The company did however, acquire a $725 million loan from Citigroup to help fund continued operations during their restructuring process. This loan was also to help ensure vendors who had been shortening payment periods. Although steps moving forward are being taken, all of this can be very unsettling for their customers.

What does this mean for Avaya customers?

There is no certainty that Avaya products will continue to be supported. This puts Avaya customers at risk of taking a downward shift; decreasing productivity within the office and communication with customers. Evaluating options for a reliable transition as soon as possible is the proper course of action for current Avaya customers.

What is a reliable option to transition?

ShoreTel is a California based telecommunications company that has offices and partners worldwide. They can provide your business or company of any size with reliable, affordable and brilliantly simple IP phone systems. ShoreTel is the best solution for productivity within the workplace and communicating with customers. Offering solutions in the cloud, onsite or a hybrid of both, giving customers the freedom to choose the best fit for their business needs for now and in the future.

Are you interested in transitioning to a ShoreTel system?