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Business Phone Systems

Genesis BCS is proud to offer our customers distinct brands of business phone systems that are sure to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. These phone systems include ShoreTel, ESI and Avaya. Take a quick look at the information below for a quick overview, or request a free consultation if you want us to do the research for you. The bottom line is, we’ll make sure the business phone system you choose perfectly matches the features your business needs to run effectively and boost your employees’ productivity.


ESI Phone Systems

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What makes ESI a great phone system for small businesses in Houston? First, ESI is a Texas-based company in business for over 25 years, achieving profitability every year of its existence.Second, the phones themselves are famously easy to use ESI goes so far as to build a “Help” button into each handset, which will walk you through a large number of tasks.Third, and perhaps most importantly, ESI business phone systems are very price aggressive. It’s difficult to beat the combination of quality, richness of features, and incredible price offered by ESI.

ShoreTel Phone Systems

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ShoreTel exploded onto the VoIP phone system scene back in 1996, and has experienced rapid growth ever since. What makes ShoreTel the Genesis BCS preferred solution for many mid-size and enterprise-level organizations?  First, ShoreTel describes their business phone system as “Brilliantly Simple”– and that couldn’t be more true. Their admin console is among the simplest in the industry.Additionally, ShoreTel boasts the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any of the major phone systems. This is because expanding a ShoreTel phone system doesn’t require migrating from one “class” of system to another. Just add another appliance, and you’re effectively good-to-go. This makes ShoreTel an ideal candidate for companies which are experiencing or expecting rapid growth.