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Contact Center As a Service

Before the “Cloud” made an appearance, acquiring a contact center was a very costly and burdensome process. Once you made up your mind on the contact center manufacture you would purchase, all that hardware would have to be housed at your office.

Support of the gear would be the responsibility of your IT staff or a VAR to conduct upgrades, adds, moves, and changes. This all meant you were married to that solution for many years. That also meant that if you had a spike in business you would have to purchase more hardware. If that busy time was short lived then you would have extra hardware sitting on a shelf just waiting for another busy time or hopefully, growth.

The Cloud has changed all this. Now, it is possible to completely change the purchasing model from a CapEx to an OpEx, significantly reducing the initial purchase $ amount. This would become known as “contact center as a service” (CCaaS). This is a game changer as the largest expense a contact center has after the staff/people is the actual contact center. Smaller organizations are now able to move nimbly and take advantage of the same type of solutions the “big guys” are using, leveling the playing field.

What most companies don’t realize, is that most companies have some type of contact center. That’s just not what they are calling it. Some call it a sales department, or IT help, or a service department, or a support desk. Its not important what they call it. What is important is that the calls are handled quickly, and the caller gets the help they wanted.

Now, there are two different types of CCaaS to consider. You could go with one that is an all-encompassing solution that is both a contact center and a business phone system. That is perfect for an organization that needs to replace the current phone system – one solution for all aspects of a business. Your other option is a contact center that can sit on top of your existing phone system, even if your current system is a purchased on-prem phone system. Genesis offers the best of both. The below diagram is the Gartner Magic Quadrant which displays all the contact centers worth noting in the industry.