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The Threat Has Never Been More Real

First off, what is your plan?

Because if you are thinking it won’t happen to me, eventually, you will be proven wrong. Let’s take a look at some hard facts to come to terms with:

  • Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes
  • 43% of cyber attacks target small business
  • The global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across SMBs
  • More than 77% of organizations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan

When it comes to cybersecurity, ignorance is not bliss. What our clients don’t know can and will hurt them. As an MSP, the best thing we can do is talk to our Managed IT customers frequently and be completely transparent. It’s been reported that 91% of SMBs would change service providers for the right cybersecurity. So, constant communication with our MSP clients ensures that someone else doesn’t have a game-changing conversation with you before we do.

As a managed service provider, we have a proven track record and technical processes to get the best bang for our customers buck when it comes to cyber protection. Genesis has partnered with the best of brand solutions for optimal protection. But, that’s not all we can offer.

It’s our job to educate our cyber security clients on the measures they need to take on their end to protect their networks. The burden doesn’t fall entirely on a MSP. Genesis empowers and trains our clients to instill some basic cybersecurity measures into their daily culture. For instance, reminding them over and over how important it is to use strong passwords.