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ESI Business Phone Systems

A Phone System Tailored for Medium and Small Businesses

ESI is a medium and small business phone system that offers organizations flexibility and ease of use, along with a price that won’t bust the budget. An ESI phone system is a powerful tool around which you can build your business’s entire communications strategy.

That’s because an ESI phone system can be whatever your mid-size or small business demands: a traditional business phone system, a fully standards-based VoIP phone system, or any mix of the two. The choice is entirely yours, and the mix can be easily changed when your needs do.

Unique Phone System Features Your Office Can Use


ESI "Help" Key

Need assistance using your phone? Just press the “Help” key for the friendly Verbal User Guide. The built-in “Help” key simplifies training new employees and makes it unnecessary to keep track of a printed manual.

Intelligent Caller ID

ESI’s patented technology displays the caller’s name-and-number information with each call, and even stores it with each voice mail message. On your ESI desktop phone, use the ESI Dex speed dial feature for single-touch storage of caller information for callback any time.

Unique Message Handling

The ESI phone system has patented features that make it a snap to share information with your team. ESI’s Quick Groups lets you send a message to other user mailboxes by pressing the blue VOICE MAIL key followed by the desired station keys – easily creating a voice mail distribution group on the fly.

Call Recording

The ESI system lets you record any call. Simply press the RECORD key on your ESI phone and the system will record the call – even conference calls and personal reminders.

Off Premises "Reach Me"

A caller forwarded to your mailbox can reach you at an external number – such as your home or cell phone. The ESI system also makes it easy to change your “reach-me” number remotely.

A Powerful & Friendly Business Phone System

Despite its long list of features, an ESI Communications Server – thanks to famous ESI ease-of-use – is a phone system you’ll find friendly. It says, “Good Morning.” It teaches you how to use and program it. It reminds you to change your personal greeting after the trip. And it stands by, ready to assist you whenever you need help. There are several different models of ESI desktop phones. Each is a compact, attractive addition to any desk, designed to simplify your telecommunications.

Here are two examples:

  • The display is large and easy to read; that’s even more true for the backlit display you’ll find on most models.
  • The dedicated function keys (so you don’t have to memorize codes) give you more ease of use, even with an ESI Communications Server’s enhanced capabilities.
  • ESI Voice mail keys are programmed just like your cell phone, so you’ll never accidentally delete a voice out of habit.

Easy to Choose and Easy to Use

Regardless of the model you choose, any ESI phone system is an easy choice over other business communications systems for many businesses. Its ease of use and feature-richness reduce staff frustrations, increase productivity, and enhance your corporate image. And each ESI system’s unique integration provides call-processing efficiency and cost savings that previously were impossible, making it an ideal system for SMB’s, MSB’s, and even many large businesses.

Talk with a Genesis team member today about whether ESI is right for your business!