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Frequently Asked Questions

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ShoreTel Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download the communicator?

In order to download the ShoreTel Communicator on a computer, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to “(server address)/shorewaredirector/clientinstall”
  3. Click the link at the top of the page to download the client.
  4. Server Address:
    Username: (Extension #)
    Password: changeme
  5. You will then be prompted to set your communicator password, your new voicemail password, and you will need to record your name for the generic voicemail if this is for a new user.
How do I update ShoreTel Mobility 7.1.3?


ShoreTel Mobility version 7.1.3 is now available for download from the Apple App Store. All ShoreTel Mobility clients who upgrade their iOS devices to Apple’s new iOS 7.1 will need to upgrade their ShoreTel Mobility app to version 7.1.3.


An issue was discovered for users upgrading to the newly released Apple iOS 7.1 that impacted voice quality for current versions of ShoreTel Mobility Clients (SMC). Some users may have experienced garbled audio when connected to the ShoreTel Dock and certain screen actions blocked due to a persistent audio source routing dialog during calls. (Reference: PB-14010- Global)

With the recent iOS update Apple no longer allowed the use of advertising IDs for apps without advertising. As a result, ShoreTel replaced the advertising ID with a vendor ID. This change will require users to re-provision their ShoreTel Mobility Client.

More Information

To ensure users can successfully re-provision existing devices, verify that “Prevent users from changing devices by re-provisioning” is unchecked on the ShoreTel Mobility Router (SMR) during the upgrade period. This setting is available via Configuration > Groups and Users > Groups > User Options > Provisioning


Upgrade to the ShoreTel Mobility 7.1.3 for iOS client via download from the iTunes App store. Users will then need to re-provision their ShoreTel Mobility client. If multiple devices are running SMC, ensure users select the corresponding iOS device they are provisioning and select “Replace Device”

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How do I set my outlook to display my voicemail player?

Issue:  Outlook doesn’t display voicemail player

Scenario:  PC is on a domain and when trying to listen to voice mail from outlook, the player does not appear.


  • Manually install Outlook from Shoreline Voice Message
  • In Outlook go to Tools>Options>Other>Advanced Options>Custom Forms>>Manage Forms>Install:
  • Browse to:  \program files\shoreline communications\shoreware client
What is the order in which we migrate to a new server?

Issue:  Moving from one server to another

Scenario:  We would like to migrate our ShoreTel system to a more robust server, how can this be done?

Resolution:  The following steps will take the server down. Please be sure to perform this migration during non-business effecting hours.

On the Old Server:

  • Perform a backup of the SQL databases.


\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\Examples\


\Program Files (x86)\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\Examples\

  • Create a backup dump of the config database, backupconfig.bat
  • Create a backup dump of the shorewarewebbridge database, backupwebbridge.bat (12.x and above)
  • Create a backup dump of the CDR database, backupcdr.bat
  • Create a backup dump of the CDRArchive database, backupcdrarchive.bat (if on system)
  • Copy the backup sql files to a safe location and to the root of c: on the new server
  • Stop/ Disable all the ShoreTel services
How can I change the date/time on my phone?

The date/time display of ShoreTel ShorePhone IP telephones are managed by the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server, please contact your System Administrator to adjust the setting if the date/time display is incorrect.

For the System Administrator:

When IP phones are used, time services must be available to maintain the telephone’s date and time display. This requires a server that supports the Simple Network Time protocol (SNTP).

If you do not run an NTP server within your organization, you may use a public accessible time server used by the NIST Internet Time Service (ITS). (Please See Product Installation Guide for additional information)

In addition, you must configure your DHCP server to provide the correct GMT offset to the IP phones at each site.

What are the headset recommendations for ShoreTel phones?

The official recommendation for headsets by ShoreTel is provided by Plantronics. Choose the option “Office Desk Phone”, then use Plantronics configurator to see what accessories are compatible with your ShoreTel phone.

Why are additional phones not ringing when primary ext. is called?

Check primary phone for the “Addon” or “Addoff” soft key. Enable “Addon” and re-test.

What are ShoreTel's feature access codes (Star Codes)?

Access Code





Emulate analog extension for FLASH via off-net call



** + Ext + ##

Transfer call



** + Ext + **

Conference a call




Hold a call




Hang up




FLASH hook on Analog phone



*11 + ext

Park call via SIP extension


*12 + ext

UnPark call via SIP extension


*13 + ext

Pickup call




Ring the night bell from a SIP extension


*15 + ext

Intercom via a SIP device


*16 + ext

Barge In



*17 + ext

Silent Monitor



*18 + ext

Set hunt group to busy



*19 + ext

Whisper page




Trace Malicious call


*22 + ext

Silent coach




Move call between Simultaneous ringing devices




Block Caller ID Override




Call Forward Always (may require reg. change??)


Override any Call Forward Always


UnBlock Caller ID Override

General Phone Questions

What type of dial tone do your phones work with?

We carry, install, and service systems that handle the following lines/trunks: analog (analog to digital PBX and analog extensions), PRI, VOIP, SIP trunks

LED Lighting Questions

What are the advantages of using LED lighting products?

All of our LED Lighting products are safety agency listed. LED lights are 50-85% more energy-efficient, have longer life, are more durable and require less maintenance.

LED lights contain no mercury and emit no CO2 making them environmentally friendly. LED lights light instantly even in cold weather. LED lights are easily controllable, dimmable and offer better quality light.

How long is 100,000 hours?

Based on how long a fixture is illuminated per day, here’s what 100,000 works out to:

Hours of Operation: 100,000 hours is: 24 hours a day

11.4 years: 18 hours per day

14.8 years: 12 hours per day

22.8 years: 8 hours per day

34.2 years

How long do LED's last?

Unlike other light sources, LEDs usually don’t “burn out”; instead, they get progressively dimmer over time (a process called lumen depreciation). LED useful life is typically based on the number of operating hours until the LED is emitting 70 percent of its initial light output. Good-quality white LEDs in well-designed fixtures are expected to have a useful life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or even longer – up to 100,000 hours! Learn more about lifetime of white LEDs A typical incandescent lamp lasts about 1,000 hours; a comparable CFL lasts 8,000 to 10,000 hours, and the best linear fluorescent lamps can last 30,000 hours.

Ruckus Wireless Questions

What is BeamFlex?

BeamFlex is MIMO smart antenna technology and represents the industry’s most advanced multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) antenna implementation of its kind. It combines a compact internal antenna array with expert system control software. The result is an intuitive Wi-Fi system that continuously ranks the best antenna pattern for each receiving device, constantly reconfiguring itself in real-time as interference is encountered. BeamFlex steers RF signals around interference to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots while increasing the range and performance of the Wi-Fi network.

What is MIMO?

MIMO stands for multiple input; multiple output. It’s an antenna technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used at both the transmitter and the receiver. The antennas at each end of the communications circuit are combined to minimize errors and optimize data speed. MIMO generally operates in two modes: diversity mode and spatial multiplexing mode.

In diversity mode, MIMO systems use multiple antennas arrays to maximize range and throughput between two wireless devices by choosing the best signal path between them. In spatial multiplexing Mode, MIMO systems use multiple radio chains and signal paths to simultaneously transmit different data elements, where the receiver “recombines” the signals and data elements, ideally resulting in higher throughput.

What do I need to make voice and video work?

WMM and 802.11e were intended for adding basic QoS features to IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi networks by prioritizing traffic according to four access categories: voice, video, best-effort and background. However, they require complex configurations and cannot differentiate between applications at the same priority.

SmartCast QoS automatically detects data, voice, and IPTV traffic and prioritize them according to bandwidth and delay requirements. In addition, per-station queuing on Ruckus products provides much finer granularity and higher precision for bandwidth prioritization compared to other Wi-Fi products in the market.

What information should I collect when I have AP issues?

Ruckus has a very simple way to collect most-needed troubleshooting information from an AP. Log into the AP, once there click “Support Info” under Maintenance on the side bar. Once here click next to Download “supportinfo.txt”. This information should be collected and provided any time you need troubleshooting assistance.

LifeSize HD Conferencing Questions

Where is my video address?

You can find your address by clicking on “My Info” under the “Account” menu.

What are the management seats for?

LifeSize UVC Manager is included in all bundles to support LifeSize UVC Multipoint, LifeSize UVC Video Center and any additional LifeSize video systems that are not LifeSize Icons. In the future, a seat will be used to manage LifeSize UVC ClearSea.

Does the LifeSize Icon system offer physical input for data sharing?

Yes, LifeSize Icon systems include a data-sharing cable that enables 1080p data sharing for unmatched detail when collaborating with colleagues.

Can the LifeSize Icon system participate in calls with Microsoft Lync callers?

Yes, LifeSize Icon can participate in calls with Microsoft Lync users; these calls are hosted on LifeSize UVC Multipoint Enterprise Edition. The LifeSize Icon system displays a list of meetings, and joining the Lync conference via the LifeSize Icon system is as simple as clicking the meeting name in the list. These calls can host any mix of Lync, SIP, H.323 callers with up to 25 visible sites on the screen at once.