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Fiber Optic Cabling

Cabling of the next-generation.

Fiber optic cabling is nothing new. In fact, fiber optic cabling has been around since the 1970s. But with the age of the internet and the massive amounts of data being transfered around the world, fiber optics has exploded in popularity.

Fiber Optic cabling provides a far greater bandwidth than traditional copper cabling and is typically used to connect localized networking equipment and is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for digital communications.

Genesis BCS provides full fiber optic cabling system installations. From design to install, Genesis can implement any size project to meet your required bandwidth.

Advantages of fiber optic cabling.

  • Higher bandwidth transmission.
  • Safety.
  • More durability and flexibility.
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference.
  • Faster transmission.
  • Low Cost.

The numbers on fiber optics don’t lie.

  • Fiber optic cables don’t travel at exactly light speed, but close. Only 31% slower.
  • While traditional copper wiring can only transmit a data signal up to 300 feet. Fiber cabling can extend from 900 feet to miles dependent on specification.
  • The possible T/N rate of optical fiber is 10 GB/sec.