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Freedom Cloud

Genesis BCS has partnered with SEN Technologies to bring the Freedom Cloud, a cloud computing service, to businesses in Houston.

Freedom cloud offers small and mid-size businesses freedoms that were previously only available to their larger rivals. Now small businesses no longer need expensive equipment and complex networks to give their employees the freedom to maximize productivity that comes with cloud computing.

Put simply, Freedom Cloud allows you to turn any device with a high speed internet connection into your work computer, with complete access to your files, applications, email, etc. It’s a technology that’s been a long time coming, and Freedom Cloud has been around since 2007.

How Cloud Computing for Business Works

When you decide to take your business into the Freedom Cloud, you’ll find freedom from the barriers that have been holding you back, possibly without you even realizing it. For years, small businesses have had to make room in closets for servers, racks, and lots and lots of wires. The cost of maintaining a server can be crushing, and when it’s time to upgrade, business owners often find they have to choose to spend tens of thousands on the new equipment, instead of something that may truly boost productivity or help the business stand out from competitors. Imagine never having to make that choice again.

Freedom Cloud takes the data on businesses’ individual servers and hosts it securely in 2 data centers across the country. When you turn on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, you’ll have almost immediate access to all of your files, applications – all without having to adjust settings. In short – with Freedom Cloud, any device is capable of being your work computer. That’s computing in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Perhaps you’re thinking that all of that sounds neat, and possibly even “cool”. But – what are the benefits? As it turns out, there are quite a few.

  • Save on Time: Freedom Cloud allows small and medium sized businesses to do what they do best, and stop worrying about the rest. One situation seen commonly at small businesses is a man or woman who, for some reason or another, has been tasked with “taking care of” the server (and everything that goes along with that). This person’s title often has nothing at all to do with information technology. Relieving your office of the business of managing it’s IT infrastructure, and allowing the Freedom Cloud to do the work for you, can allow that individual (or those individuals) to get back to work doing what they were hired to do.
  • Increased Productivity: With hosted virtual desktops, your employees can suddenly access their work anywhere. That means no more lost productivity when the roads are too icy to drive on, when an employee is at home with a sick child, or when they’re sitting in the airport waiting on a delayed flight.
  • Extend your Hardware’s Life-Span: Because individual computers are no longer responsible for processing complex graphics, saving large files, running multiple applications at once – your current hardware will last much longer. Think of it like a car who’s owners no longer use it to commute to and from the office. It’s suddenly not being driven hundreds of miles per week, saving wear and tear on the engine and drastically extending it’s life.
  • Save on Hardware with Thin Clients: Because you no longer need your office computers to do heavy lifting, you’re free to invest in cheaper hardware called “thin clients”. Thin clients have all the needed horsepower to access and display the virtual desktop you’ve hosted in the cloud, but no longer need the RAM, hard drive space, and high-powered processors – all equipment that sends IT costs through the roof and busts budgets.
  • Same Cost, Every Month: No need to worry about how many more months, weeks, or days you can squeeze out of your current servers and computers, before you have to pull the trigger on new equipment that may or may not have soared in price since the last time you made the purchase. With Freedom Cloud, you pay the same thing every month for the life of your contract.

 Real World Results

Needing more information is understandable. Check out the studies below, and check out cloud computing news posts on the Trendy Telecom Blog.

  • A recent study showed that small businesses lose upwards of $24 Billion in productivity annually as a result of non-IT employees being taken away from their primary roles. Allowing them to focus entirely on doing the job they were hired to do can conceivably cover the cost of a switch to hosted virtual desktops.
  • Another study found that SMB’s that embrace the Cloud see much faster increases in revenues compared with their slower-moving competitors and peers. Those questioned said what they valued most about the cloud was their ability to access data from anywhere (52%), followed by it’s ability to foster collaboration (49%).