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Freedom File

Get the perfect cloud file sharing service for your business from SEN Technologies.

Collaboration and sharing is important to stay ahead in the marketplace. You need a quick solution that allows your team members to share among each other easily and securely.

SEN Technologies Freedom File is an enterprise-class data sharing and backup solution that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes. Freedom File allows users to sync, share and access files anytime, anywhere from any device. Now your files and data can be accessed from team members accessed and worked on remotely while still staying in a secure environment. This helps increase your employees productivity and efficiency.

  • Unlimited Users and Devices. Sold by the 100 GB or 1 TB increment of storage.
  • Available on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and on the web.
  • Includes must-have business features, such as end-to-end data encryption, secure file sharing with guest users, active directory, Outlook integration, hierarchical policy enforcement, and remote wipe of lost devices.

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