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Structured Cabling

With Genesis, You’re Covered.

Genesis BCS is a 35-year-old Houston based communications technology solution provider with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We provide the right combination of services and products to enhance your organization’s productivity and profit.

What is Structured Cabling?

Put simply, structured cabling is the installation of a building’s or campus’s cabling infrastructure – the networking medium that allows phones, computers, etc…to talk to each other and to access the internet. In the 21st century, cabling has, obviously, become a vital part of any new construction or renovation.

Design & Documentation

Genesis BCS has design capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art processes for producing CAD and shop drawings which can support all types of data and fiber projects. Each project can be designed to provide specific documentation based on the level of details and information required.

Value Engineering, Cost Control, & Procurement

By utilizing experience from numerous prior projects through design, installation, and scheduling, Genesis is adept at providing cost savings through value engineering based on bulk purchasing and multiple-vendor pricing. Skilled project management and accountability ensures that the best value can be obtained with “on-time” performance. With negotiated pricing and competitive pricing contracts from our partnership with suppliers and manufacturers, Genesis BCS will pass these savings on to the customer.

Quality Control & Management Assessability

GENESIS’s Quality Control Management is evidenced by the years of design and installation in the educational market.  We can implement and insure processes needed to ensure Quality Control through ANSI/TIA/EIA standards.  Our management is always available through direct contact and available 24/7 for communication to resolve any obstacle providing for a seamless installation.  GENESIS has the knowledge and track record to successfully work under any time constraints and difficult construction areas.

Maintenance & Support

GENESIS has full-time staff and certified BICSI certified technicians to assist in maintenance and support on a 24 hour/7 days a week schedule.  Included in our maintenance and support, are scheduled, preventative and diagnostic inspections as well as moves, adds and changes.

Response time on routine calls: 24 HOURS
Response time on emergency calls: 1 HOUR

Disaster Recovery support is also available and will be supported by upper management, if there should be need for this service.

Safety Management

GENESIS provides routine safety training to all personnel involved in the installation process. Monthly safety meetings are re-enforced by weekly job-site safety sessions, along with guidelines from OSHA, EPA and Texas Department of Health & Safety regulations that are posted on job-site locations. Furthermore, asbestos awareness can be provided to all installation personnel, which is job-site specific.