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By now you must have heard of the filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Avaya Inc. Known as one of the largest telecommunications in the world, the company listed a debt of $6.3 billion and assets of $5.5 billion in their bankruptcy case. This debt was mostly accumulated in the companies transition to software and services from hardware. While this might be indicative of the telecommuications market, one company has stood out amongst the pack in meeting this challenge and moving forward with the times. Of course we are talking about ShoreTel.

ShoreTel is a leading provider of all things cloud, onsite, and hybrid in regards to business communication solutions. Not only do they focus on providing products that are innovative and highly reliable, but they consistently outperform the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction, loyalty, value and lowest total cost of ownership.

With ShoreTel you have an endless amount of options and opportunities to increase production in the workplace as well as customer service. For example, they provide ShoreTel Connect. ShoreTel Connect is a platform built on a single software code base that means you can design your communications system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment where some locations and applications are managed in the cloud and others are managed onsite. ShoreTel creates their products to be brilliantly simple so they are easy to use, and with that, it can only increase productivity.

When it comes to your business, you have to be able to rely on the company that keeps you connected in the office, and most importantly with your customers. With ShoreTel you can trust that you will receive the best support for your investment. With Avaya you have absolute uncertainty, which most businesses  just can’t afford. Not only being concerned with staying connected but updated and supported as well. These are qualities Avaya just can’t guanantee at this stage.

So, is ShoreTel the best avenue for Avaya customers to take to in regards to transitioning their communications system? Undoubtedly! With ShoreTel you will be in the right hands with a company focusing on the future of telecommunications.

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