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Esi-link-imageEsi-Link (“easy-link”) offers customers with multiple locations the convenience and cost-savings of a networked communications system, while getting the maximum benefit of the telephony features that have won ESI numerous industry awards over the years.

Esi-link uses your WAN or the internet to join together up to 100 compatible ESI phone systems into one interconnected, IP-based system. This allows it to offer the many advantages of multi-site communications with the unique, high performance features of ESI business communication systems.

ESI-Link Features

Quick and Easy Access to Remote Systems – Esi-Link lets you easily communicate with people at your remote locations without having to remember complicated codes.

Toll Bypass – With Esi-Link you are able to eliminate altogether your need for expensive dedicated lines interconnecting sites. Esi-Link communicates by using available bandwidth on your existing WAN or the internet to complete the call. This helps substantially reduce your calling costs. You can also lower long-distance expenses by Esi-Link allowing you to call from remote locations local dial-tone.

Fully Featured, Cross-Platform Phone Communication – Esi-Link allows ESI systems to share a full range of ESI advanced business phone features that work uniformly across the network. It also has cross-platform integration, which means it can include both traditional and VoIP-based ESI systems.

Capacity That Fits Your Needs – Esi-Link connects anywhere from two to 100 ESI phone systems.

Publishing – Each Esi-Link enabled IP PBX can publish or transmit to the network the status of any combination of up to 30 extensions, voice mailboxes, and department groups.

Speed-Dialing Across The Network – The already installed Esi-Dex speed-dialing capability becomes even smarter with Esi-Link on-board. This is because now it can now speed-dial extensions in remote locations.

Compatible ESI Phone Systems

  • IP Server 900
  • ESI Communications Servers (ESI-1000, ESI-600, ESI-200, ESI-100, ESI-150, ESI-50L)
  • LEgacy IVX Class, IVX E-Class (Generations 1-11), IP E-Class (Generations 1-11), IVX 128 Plus


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