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ESI Presence Management

ESI presents Presence Management, a hardware and software solution incorporating an innovative combination of RF scanning technology and ESI’s business communications systems. ESI Presence Management is offered as a basic doorphone solution for addressing basic entry and exit applications.

Benefits Include:

  • Presence Indication
  • ESI’s Personal Call Routing
  • Access Control
  • Documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance. 


  • Door phone operation: The integrated doorphone operation includes strike-plate-type lock control, two way audio connection, CALL key, and large backlit two-line display.
  • Remote entry control: A call can be made to a station department by pressing the CALL key. Once someone answers they can use the remote door unlock feature to unlock the door.
  • Access Control: Issues building keys can be easily replaced with ESI Presence Management RFID Readers by distributing assigned electronic keys to all authorized employees. Scanning of the electronic key activates the strike lock of the door, giving access to authorized personnel.
  • Access Scheduling: Access is controlled by the recognition of programmed RFID electronic key devices. Each electronic key is programmed to be recognized by one or more ESI Presence Management RFID Readers, in any combination.
  • Presence Indication: ESI Presence Management hardware and ESI system software combine to create a powerful tracking personnel solution. The integration of the ESI system and Presence Management allows station status to be modified by simply entering and leaving the building.
  • Personal Call Routing: Unique to ESI, this operation performs immediate and automatic control of station functions for the scanning user. Programming of the station associated with the scanned electronic key reflects the user’s call-handling choices, based on presence in or absence from the building.
  • Remote-Site Support: ESI Presence Management is able to operate over a WAN for remote-sites. Users can monitor, control, and provide scheduled access in both their home office and remote sites.

ESI Phone Systems Compatible with ESI Presence Management

  • IP Server 900
  • ESI Communications Servers (ESI – 1000, 600, 200,100, 50, 50L)
  • IVX X-Class
  • IVX E-Class Generation II
  • IVX S-Class Generation II