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Five Requirements of BYOD for Mobile Unified Communications

Shoretel_BYOD_coverAccording to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 20 to 30 million people work at home at least one day a week and 83% of these workers use their own devices to access their company’s network.

This increase over the years is why having a Mobile Unified Communications system has become so important for companies to utilize.

Mobile Unified Communications is a solution that allows a user to utilize common telephony functions, presence status, messaging, calendar, visual voicemail, video conferencing and document sharing through their tablet or smartphone (aka BYOD). But in order to launch a mobile UC solution in a BYOD environment means you must meet several requirements that address the challenges and needs of all stakeholders. This is where our whitepaper comes in hand. 

This whitepaper discusses the five main requirements for you to successfully implement BYOD for Mobile Unified Communications. These include:

  1. Securing communications
  2. Managing multiple platforms
  3. Lowering operating costs
  4. Increasing user productivity
  5. Simplifying and enhancing user experience
Download this whitepaper to see how to successfully meet these requirements.