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led bulbAutumn is finally in full swing and businesses everywhere are getting ready for the season. Autumn means leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down (which is incredibly important to us Texans), but it also means the sun rises later, and sets sooner. Cooler weather and less sunlight is one of the main reasons as to why one’s Circadian rhythms might be off.

Just like plants, when there is less sunlight shining down and shorter, colder days, it’s more difficult to work at our utmost capacity. This is incredibly important for business owners/decision makers to take note of because if their employees are feeling tired, unmotivated, or lethargic at work during the colder months of the year, then they might want to consider making changes to their office environment in order to effectively boost everyone’s energy levels. After all, the success of your employees will reflect the success of your business.  One way your business can improve its environment  this season is by installing LED lighting.

How can LED lighting improve your office environment?

1. One of the first aspects we can cover in regards to health and LED Lighting is the “flicker.” LED’s can replace fluorescent tubes that are known to begin flickering with age. This flickering creates issues with people that suffer from migraines and individuals that are epileptic. LED lights do not flicker which helps alleviate these problems. They also last for much longer. So not only do LED lights get rid of the flickering problem, they also emit a consistent flow of bright, high quality lighting.

2. LEDs provide a steady natural full-spectrum of light. This is what we call “simulated sunlight.” People that are exposed to this form of light in schools, offices, etc. have shown lower stress levels, less anxiety, and improved behavior and attitudes. A type of “simulated sunlight” can be especially important if your office doesn’t have many windows to allow natural light in. 

3. Continuing on this “simulated sunlight, ” when we don’t receive this form of sunlight our “internal body clock” begins malfunctioning. LED lighting has the ability to change in regards to color spectrum, which in result can create this natural sunlight effect. During the day our bodies need a blue light spectrum, which stimulates alertness and activity. While later in the day we need warmer colors that help in producing melatonin to bring about sleep. LEDs have this ability to fluctuate in color spectrum through lighting controls to help our bodies function in the manner it is naturally suppose to.

These are just a few of the health benefits that come with LED lighting. So if you would like to improve the focus, drive, and overall health of your employees, or would just like more information on LED light, don’t hesitate to contact usWe’d love to talk to you about it. Also, Visit our LED Lighting page for more information on how LEDs are benefiting businesses.