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LED Lighting

LED lighting is a rapidly growing industry and is on the verge of being a huge player in the technology sector. This is why Genesis Business Communication Solutions has entered the market of LED and has begun selling LED lighting to commercial businesses. This new product line will offer Genesis’s customers multiple benefits to their business and put them in the right path to gain the future possibilities of this technology. Soon LEDs will take on the role of turning street lamps into data gathering networks, security cameras for airports and analytic tools for city water usage to name a few. But for now LED lights could be your primary financial asset for your business.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs with LED Lighting

Did you know you can reduce energy consumption, maintenance and costs by retrofitting existing incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and metal halide lighting with sustainable, energy efficient LED replacement solutions? Our customers who have switched their business to LED lighting have saved between 50-80% on their cost of electricity for lighting. We also saw that our LED lighting retrofits typically generated payback within just one to two years and the total ROI was between 12-15 times the cost of the project.

Top Quality Products and Solutions

Selecting the right lighting retrofit solution is not as simple as choosing a fixture that delivers the most light for the fewest watts.

While LEDs are known for being energy-efficient and having a long life span, there are many other critically important considerations, and the right solution is based upon many factors. Over the years, we have encountered nearly every problem and scenario imaginable, and have overcome each challenge.

Our team brings decades of combined experience in the commercial lighting industry, providing vast product knowledge and expertise in understanding LED technology and applications. We partner with the top LED lighting manufacturers to ensure we deliver our customers the optimal LED lighting retrofit solution to fit nearly every commercial need.

Ideal Lighting Applications

As a specialty LED Lighting provider, we work with you to identify the areas within your operation that can generate the fastest payback and best use of LED Lighting.

  • Parking Lots/Garages
    • Garages are typically lit 24/7. Switching to LED will dramatically cut energy costs
    • Well lit garages increase security and decrease any potential danger to all drivers and their vehicles. 
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Outdoor Ground Lighting
  • Canopy Lighting
  • Exterior Building Wall Packs

Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting uses both light and energy more efficiently. LEDs are made of very thin layers of semiconductor material. One layer will have an excess of electrons, while the next will have a deficit of electrons. The difference causes electrons to move, which generates light. One or more LED chips (about one square millimeter each) are mounted on a heat-conducting material and enclosed in a lens.

Energy Savings

LED lighting retrofits can offer business up to 90% energy savings, plus they do not emit heat, which can further reduce energy costs on air conditioning/cooling.

Lasts Longer; Reduce Maintenance Costs

50,000 – 100,000 hours life span; Breakage resistant (no breakable glass or filaments).

Saves Money

Reduces Energy Bills, qualifies for tax incentives and utility company rebates.

(Click here and use the Cooper Lighting EPACT calculator to estimate the tax benefits for both new and retrofit construction. The calculator will automatically download to your computer.)

Environmentally Friendly

Recyclable. Contains no mercury or other toxic elements, and emit no IR, UV or CO2. LEDs have the smallest carbon footprint of any other lighting product.

High Quality Light

LEDs offer better color rendering than Fluorescent or CFL with near perfect color consistency.

We are the experts in LED Lighting Retrofits

As part of the nationwide network of certified Energy Efficiency Pros that share best practices and commitment to providing high quality energy efficient lighting products and support, you can rely on us to handle your LED Lighting Retrofit from beginning to end.