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LifeSize Icon

lifesize-iconFrustration Free Video Conferencing

Simplicity, the fundamental principle the LifeSize Icon . The new LifeSize Icon takes only minutes to setup and only seconds to start a video call. LifeSize brings the ease of using your smart phone to a full HD video conferencing unit. This gives you a face-to-face interaction that propels productivity and provides stronger connected relationships.

The LifeSize Icon offers additional video and audio inputs so users can connect multiple video devices, such as PTZ cameras, laptops, DVRs, MP3 Players and more. It also includes secure connectors for server ranks as well. The Icon also allows you to present a message to a large audience while recording it for future playback and distribution. Then with adding the LifeSize UVC core applications you can add up to a multiparty call from everyone in your directory.