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IT managed services are growing with business and companies all over the world today. Businesses of all sizes are making the switch, and the number of IT service providers is growing every day. Why are managed IT services preferred so much more over an internal IT department?

One of the bigger differences between the two is cost. Having your own IT department can be expensive, especially so for smaller businesses. You have the salaries of each employee on the IT team, followed by other expenses that come along with their employment. This cost could assume a large amount of a business’s finances. Managed IT services work in the benefit of those small businesses when cost comes into consideration. You don’t have to pay any salaries, but instead are only faced with a monthly payment. With cost taken into consideration, managed IT services seem like the best route, but there’s an importance to having an internal IT department.

Having your own IT department allows for the characterization of your business to be understood by that team. This means that team can become familiar with your business’s technical infrastructure and all of the communication technology your business uses to operate. With this in consideration your IT team can operate faster than a typical outsourced team. Your team will be aware of certain technology habits your business has and how to most efficiently take care of them. With a managed IT team, a quick study of the technical platform on which your business operates would have to occur. And the IT team would often times have to start from scratch. Even with all of this taken into consideration, managed IT services are still often times the most preferred for businesses. The large decrease in cost and 24/7 coverage makes it the best solution for a lot of businesses.

Managed IT services also typically employ well experienced employees, as providing quality service is their main goal. With your own IT department, getting the experienced employees comes down to simply hiring them, but managed IT services seem to be the best choice for those businesses seeking quality service. Using managed IT services comes with many advantages, and businesses today seem to realize this. There isn’t much internal IT management has over managed IT services. As they are capable of providing coverage at any time of the day, with a well experienced IT team, all at a much lower cost. Companies with large facilities still greatly benefit from internal IT management, but businesses get a much better deal from outsourcing an IT team.

The division can really lie with the size of your business. The larger the business, the more likely there will be a need for internal IT management. With so many business being strictly internet based businesses today, there isn’t much space for either outsourced IT services, nor internal, for that particular industry of businesses. All things considered, smaller businesses are best suited for managed IT services, and larger businesses are best for internal. There is importance to having internal IT management, but that importance is more commonly associated with the larger facilities where operations are heavily dependent on a service.