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When we think of cloud services, we usually imagine the audience to be more often small or medium sized businesses. We come to the conclusion that only businesses of that size would need to invest in cloud services. It’s much easier for larger businesses and companies to invest in onsite servers, and onsite servers are usually thought of as being more secure compared to cloud services. It seems bigger companies don’t see this as so, as they too are investing in cloud services today.

Even some of the largest corporations out there can benefit from the use of cloud services. Today there just isn’t as many reasons for why a company wouldn’t use cloud services. Security is often the big dispute when it comes to choosing between cloud services and onsite servers, but companies are also finding that the cloud can be just as safe as onsite servers, if not more safe. With cost efficiency also taken into consideration, the benefits of cloud services can come to a long list. One of these companies that has made the move to cloud services is Coca Cola. Coca Cola’s goal was to insure absolute employee productivity, as productivity is a very large factor to consider when it comes to businesses and even companies investing in the cloud. This shows that companies are opening their eyes to the possibilities cloud services can offer them.

Investing in the space and equipment required for onsite servers can come at a pretty steep price. Throw the many of costs of having an IT department on top of that, and the cost will increase. This can typically drive companies and businesses of all sizes toward cloud services, as with cloud services you are only faced with the transition process and a monthly fee. One issue commonly encountered with cloud services that brings hesitation to companies that plan to invest in them is the dependency on internet. Companies need to be able to access information at any time. If the internet was to go down for a certain facility, their connection to the cloud would be lost, and information would be limited. This could bring a hold to any productivity, while creating problems in many other areas of business. Compared to scenario of that company running on onsite servers, they would still be able to access any important information on those servers. So using cloud services does bring along a sense of dependency on a working internet connection, but if that connection was to be lost, there would be consequences whether a company was running with onsite servers or cloud services.

The popularity of cloud services among businesses and companies is growing more and more each year. The advantages of what cloud services can bring to companies seems to far outweigh the believed risks they could face. Saving money and increasing productivity are only two of some of the main traits companies and businesses seek out in technology, getting both of these at a great extent is important for many of those companies and businesses.