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Enterprise mobility risk management is focused on bringing security to businesses that utilize the cloud, the BYOD policy, and other mobile services. As businesses become more mobile, there becomes more of an importance for these services. All kinds of businesses across the world use these services, but this is a service that is especially important for the hospitality industry today.

Enterprise mobility has opened a lot of opportunities for businesses and their customers, but it all comes with a great cost. A good example of this is the hospitality industry. You have tourists from all over the world flocking to these areas, and hackers see this. People are very dependent on technology, especially while on vacation. They arrive to the hotels, restaurants, casinos, open up their computers, log onto the public Wi-Fi, and resume contact with the rest of the world, mainly those back home. This is even more so for the business man. He’s constantly working online everywhere he goes. The network of these hotels and restaurants handles a lot of traffic. This makes for a great place for hackers to steal information. They try hacking into these networks fishing for any credit card info and other important information. According to, the cybercrime has gotten so bad, insurance companies are offering some of the first cybercrime insurance plans. Cybercrime in hotels is much worse than many other locations today. Hotels have become known for having poor network security, but little change has occurred in those areas.

The US has become one of the most hacked countries in the world, if not the most. This could be in part due to the wide spread use of advanced technology here, but one would think businesses would take more caution and protect not only themselves but their customers also. Today, a hack can be incredibly damaging to a company or business financially. This emphasizes the importance of securing your network, as just one hack could destroy your business. Customers trust those businesses and companies with data, if that data is stolen, that reputation could go just as quickly. Where does this major flaw in security lie?

There’s a strong correlation with the growth in use of mobile phones, alongside the increasing amount of hacks nationwide. All of those mobile users log onto any available Wi-Fi network and are often times negligent of the risks. This can put their information and other web activity into the hands of hackers. All of your cached passwords and credit card information are left for them to pick up. While it shouldn’t be that easy, it often times is. Hotels and other hospitality businesses are notorious for their lack of security in public Wi-Fi. Hackers migrate to these areas waiting for all of the tourists and business men.

The hospitality industry has many faults with security today. Enterprise mobility risk management has grown to become a service that many businesses offer to those hotels and restaurants, but the change has yet to come as more is data stolen in these locations, than anywhere else.