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Small businesses today have more technological tools to utilize than ever, and yet many businesses don’t take advantage of these opportunities. According to SMB Group, in 2014, small businesses listed their number one technology challenge as figuring out how different technology solutions can help their business, right behind that, their second was figuring out how to contain technology costs. Businesses want to make the movement to more advanced technology, but it isn’t always an option. This leads to businesses having difficulty keeping up with any newer forms of more advanced technology. This could be fine with some matters, but there are some forms of technology that businesses just cannot afford to miss out on.

One of these technologies are cloud services. There are many things today that are heavily dependent on cloud services, some examples of this are BYOD policies, mobility, and other IoT solutions. Due to all these benefits that come with cloud services businesses can have a hard time without it. Imagine only being able to get work done from one location using one particular device. This makes being mobile today one of the most important parts of a business. When work is restricted to the office or particular devices, this can slow your business down, put you further behind your competitors, or just create an all-around lower quality of business. These factors force that mobility onto businesses, and cloud services is the door to allow for that mobility. This is why cloud services are such a large part of the new wave of entrepreneurship today. For some businesses being mobile is a demand, and not an option.

Businesses can’t go without security either, today businesses carry a lot of sensitive data. Hackers realize this, and businesses can be big targets for them. This doesn’t just apply for data security either. Surveillance is extremely important for businesses. According to a 2010 crime report, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. If your business is located in a more urban area, it is much more likely to be broken into than another in a more rural area. Businesses have to be vigilant and take all of the correct precautions. As hacks and burglaries are both real threats for businesses, investing in the needed equipment to protect it is necessary for any business today. The leaking of data could cost you your business, and a break in could cost your business just as much in expenses. Security technology is something any business cannot afford to go without, big or small.

Though many small businesses are caught in the dilemma of a technological struggle, and keeping up isn’t an option for all, there are some forms of technology businesses cannot go without. Cloud services allows a business to grow by presenting it with many more opportunities, and security is what a business needs to preserve what it has and any future growth.