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Today video surveillance is being used for all kinds of purposes. Security is important for any business and company today. They make strides to secure their data and communication, but the security of your facility can only be secured with a surveillance system. One often important use of surveillance systems that can often times be overlooked is license plate recognition.

The key to surveillance systems is to be able to identify the perp. Let’s face it, if someone is wanting to get in, more often than not they are going to get in. The best a business or company can do is identify the perp so that they can be tracked down and stolen belongings can be returned or so charges can be pressed. Identifying these criminals comes down to surveillance systems. Their goal is to catch an image of the perp or any clues associated with them, so they can later be identified. But then you are faced with the dilemma of vehicles. This is where the license plate recognition feature comes in.

If a perp was to trespass with a mask, your surveillance system would have a hard time identifying them. They would be able to make an escape and all of the evidence you would have is broken glass and stolen goods. The next step here is identifying their license plate number. As their vehicle passes through the facility entrance, a camera would catch an image of their license plate. Saving the number and footage for you to come and review. This information can then be given to the law enforcement and your suspect is much more likely to be found.

There are hundreds of cases every year where this information is shared helping track down the needed criminals in many different cases. Some are just for theft, others can be for child abductions, the list can be endless. The importance of this video surveillance feature could be the means of saving lives in many given situations. Or this could just be used to capture those violating a rule or law, such as tolls or speeding. Though these are more federal uses, this can also serve a purpose for businesses and companies.
With technology on the rise it is becoming easier and easier to identify a criminal, but as the technology to identify them rises so does the technology to remain hidden.

Businesses have a responsibility to protect their employees and customers, this can mean identifying the person responsible so they can be charged and those at threat can feel secure. With vehicles being a very common factor for crimes all over the US, businesses and companies have to be able to identify the criminal with their vehicle now. The Video Insight surveillance system allows for this as it comes with a license plate recognition feature. A camera is setup with the proper settings to catch the image of the license plate as a car is passing through. This requires special software as not just any surveillance camera is capable of this.