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Video surveillance is incredibly important for businesses, it guarantees the security you’ll need on premises. One of the best surveillance systems you can invest in is Video Insight. Video Insight is a well credited surveillance provider and has been around for 30 years. One of the best things about this company is the endless features it also brings to your business. Often times these can be overlooked and forgotten by the businesses that invest. These features are available to any Video Insight customer.

One great feature by Video Insight is the software management’s ability to support 200 cameras. This leaves the door wide open for your business or company to invest in as many cameras as they need, this is great for larger facilities. The amount of cameras required to secure your building, can be quite overwhelming. Being able to manage all of those cameras from one platform could be just as important.

Video Insight also comes with a mobile app. This is big for small businesses, with this feature you can watch over the store no matter where you are. This also brings more control to the user, as you can control the cameras. Businesses are all about mobility today, and this is where Video Insight makes that connection.

With the Customer Assurance Plan, anytime cameras go down you can be sure you’ll know about it. The Video Insight team will call to notify you. This can bring your business more security through your reliance on constant service. Anytime your business surveillance system isn’t operating correctly, Video Insight can let you know. This plan also offers the replacement of any cameras in the event your cameras do fail.

Video Insight also brings their adaptive technology to you. Their software will work with almost any type of camera model. This makes it easier on you. If you have quality cameras, then there may be no need to replace them. Video Insights software is able to work with the cameras you already have. This can save your business money from having to invest in an entirely new surveillance system.

Simplicity is a big factor for many businesses. No one wants to have to train an employee how to operate the surveillance system. Video Insight’s software comes with simplicity in mind. The platform you will be managing surveillance from comes simple.

These are just a few of the features that Video Insight offers to any of its customers. Investing in video surveillance is something every business could greatly benefit from. Video Insight can bring you that protection you need with all of the features to make sure you can operate it fluidly. Video Insight works to save you money in your investment. They’re known for having the lowest cost of ownership compared to any other VMS. Simplicity, efficiency, and innovative, the three qualities every business should want from their technology, and what you can certainly find with Video Insight.